Muonionalusta Swedish Iron Meteorite Pendant Sterling Silver

  • $69.99

Genuine Muonionalusta Swedish Iron Meteorite Pendant

This pendant features a Muonionalusta Iron Meteorite slice plated with Rhodium, to prevent tarnishing, and a Sterling Silver swivel bail.  The top of the bail is stamped 925.  This pendant is the perfect gift for Meteorite lovers and collectors or just a present for yourself. 

Pendant Specifications:

  • Design: Slice, Swivel Bail
  • Overall Dimensions: 1.4 x 3.2 cm (W x L)
  • Overall Weight: 3.53 g (includes silver)

Muonionalusta Iron Meteorite (Sweden)

Studies have shown it to be the oldest discovered meteorite impacting the Earth during the Quaternary period, about one million years ago.  It is quite clearly part of the iron core or mantle of a planetoid which shattered into many pieces upon its fall on our planet.  Since landing here this meteorite has experienced four ice ages.  It was unearthed from a glacial moraine in the northern tundra.

Muonionalusta Iron Meteorite is composed of 8.4% nickel and trace amounts of rare elements - 0.33 ppm gallium, 0.133 ppm germanium and 1.6 ppm iridium.  It also contains the minerals chromite, daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite, and inclusions of troilite.