About Moldavite Plus

Hi, my name is Aaron Sousa and I love Moldavite!  I love Moldavite so much I decided to start a business showcasing the beauty and wonder of it back in 2009.  I started selling on Bonanza.com, but soon migrated to my own website in 2013.  In 2020 I did a total site redesign and couldn't be happier.

While I'm pretty much a one man show here at Moldavite Plus, I would not be as successful as I am without the constant support of my amazing wife Randi.  Randi, who's an aspiring photographer, helped me get started by showing me that Macro and Jewelry photography, while daunting, could be learned.

 Regular Grade Moldavite When I'm not busy photographing, listing, selling and packaging Moldavite I enjoy cooking for my wife and traveling, often to Gem and Mineral shows.   I consider myself quite the film buff and love going to the movies.  I also enjoy surfing the internet and finding awesome deals & giveaways.  If you do too, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below!

Of course being in the Moldavite business comes with one serious consequence, an ever growing personal collection!  Check out my collection of Moldavite & other tektites and I encourage you to show off yours on either Facebook or on Pinterest.

 Libyan Desert Glass Tektite
Rather large Amethyst at a Tucson Gem Show, over 5 feet across.

As I mentioned briefly above, I travel to Gem, Mineral and Fossil tradeshows frequently.  And one of the benefits of living in beautiful Colorado is that a few tradeshows even come to me!  The benefit to you, besides what you find here on MoldavitePlus.com, is that it allows me to accept custom requests.  Can't find a certain gem or mineral?  Looking for a particular piece of jewelry?  Click the green and white Contact button on the left to send me your special requests.

 Additional Contact: 

  • Aaron@moldaviteplus.com
  • 775-342-7205 (Please text as I am inundated with Spam calls)

Great resources on the web:

Larger Fossils at a show in Tucson.
 Cool Carved Frog on a Leaf I leave you with a Cool Carved Frog on a Leaf! (Need to find one carved in Moldavite.)