Natural Sikhote Iron Meteorite Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

  • $69.99


Rough Sikhote Alin Iron Meteorite Pendant Sterling Silver Jewelry

This cosmic Sterling Silver pendant features a natural, Russian Sikhote - Alin iron meteorite set in a comet design.  The pendant is stamped Sterling Silver inside the bail.  This jewelry is a great gift for any space or Meteorite lover in your life; it also makes an awesome present to yourself.

Pendant Specifications:

  • Design: Comet, Meteor
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.3 cm (W x L)
  • Overall Weight: 5.55 g (includes silver)

Iron Meteorite (Sikhote - Alin, Russia)

On February 12th, 1947, people in eastern Siberia witnessed the largest single meteorite fall in recent history. Over 23 tons of material showered the area. This meteorite displays regmaglypts, thumbprint-like depressions, and has ragged, twisted and distorted surfaces. This occurred because the meteorite broke up at a low altitude and was not subjected to the intense ablation that would have smoothed its surface.