Faceted Citrine Pendant Egyptian Eye of Horus Necklace

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Citrine Eye of Horus Pendant Egyptian Jewelry

This Sterling Silver pendant features a faceted Citrine round in an Eye of Horus design. The back is stamped 925. This pendant is the perfect gift for lovers of Ancient Egypt or just a present for yourself.  Pendant is also available with other stones.

Pendant Specifications:

  • Design: Egyptian Eye of Horus
  • Citrine Dimensions: 5 mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.5 cm (W x L)

Eye of Horus

Ancient Egyptian symbol of good health, protection and royal power. The Eye of Horus is also known as the Wadjet. Wadjet was one of the earliest Egyptian gods. The name is derived from wadj, meaning green, so Wadjet is known as the green one. Eye of Horus funerary amulets were often buried with pharaohs to ward of evil and protect them in the afterlife. Ancient Egyptian sailors would also paint the symbol on their vessels to ensure safe travel while at sea.


Citrine stimulates the crown chakra, creating a bond between the intellect and total perfection, which can make it quite helpful in the area of problem solving and in the facilitating of mental awareness. This mineral can be helpful in balancing your energy levels and aligning the chakras. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance. It can help balance emotions, dispel anger and encourage one to "look towards the sunrise", bringing feelings of fresh beginnings to the wearer of this gemstone.