Moldavite Plus Now Accepting Amazon Pay, New Jewelry Restock Coming Soon June 12 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Moldavite Plus Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Moldavite Plus is now accepting Amazon Payments for all online purchases.  Using Amazon Pay is as simple as ordering from Amazon, simply add any items to your cart and select Amazon Pay at checkout.  You'll be able to use your existing Amazon account to purchase anything from

You can still use Paypal, Bitcoin or major credit cards for purchase as well.

In other news, many existing designs have been restocked.  A new ring style will be available soon along with more natural Moldavite pendants.  Happy shopping!

Moldavite Plus Amazon Payments

Huge Moldavite jewelry restock coming soon and Pokemon caught buying Moldavite at Denver Gem Show September 21 2016 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Good news everyone!  I've recently returned from the Denver Gem shows with new inventory.  Classic Moldavite, Phenacite, Indochinite and Meteorite designs are now back in stock.  Some Libyan Desert Glass designs have also been restocked, though continued supplies may be limited due to the growing tensions in that region.  Come buy Moldavite Jewelry today!


New Moldavite, Phenacite, Meteorite, Tourmaline and Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry coming soon.

Free form Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass like those pictured below will be available for purchase soon.  New Meteorite jewelry featuring the Swedish Muonionalusta will also be ready in the near future.

Moldavite Hanging Bezel Pendant     Moldavite Free Form Pendant

Floating Locket Pendant with New Stones

The bestseller Floating Locket will arrive with new stones in the coming days.  The new lockets will feature:

  • Moldavite & Phenacite
  • Moldavite & Muonionalusta Meteorite
  • Tourmaline

Moldavite Floating Locket Pendant     Moldavite Sparkly Floating Locket

Diglett and Geodude caught shopping for Moldavite and Meteorite at Denver Gem Show

And in other news,  a couple of Rock Pokemon were spotted picking out some Moldavite rough and Meteorite jewelry.  :D

Pokemon Geodude Buying Moldavite Meteorite Jewelry Pokemon Diglett shopping for Moldavite Rough