New Year Deal Extended! January 03 2019 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

New Year Deal Extended

New Year deal has been extended by popular demand.  Now through Tuesday, January 15th take 19% off your entire cart using promo code NewYear19.

Happy New Year from Moldavite Plus! December 28 2018 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Happy New Year from Moldavite Plus

Happy 2019 from Moldavite Plus!  Now through January 1st take 19% off your entire purchase using promo code NewYear19 and celebrate the new year in style!

Featured Jewelry of the Month | Stainless Steel Floating Locket | December December 05 2018 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Happy December everyone!  This month's featured pendant is the Stainless Steel Floating Locket.

Moldavite Meteorite Floating Locket

These pendants are made with Marine grade stainless steel so they are very resistant to tarnishing.  They are available with or without a sparkling finish to correspond to your own particular style and come in a variety of different tumbled stones.  They are also water-resistant.

For the month of December buy one and get another at 50% off using promo code Floating50.  Add the pendants to your cart with the promotional code now through December 31st.

Available Varieties:

  • Tumbled Moldavite
  • Moldavite & Phenacite
  • Moldavite & Muonionalusta Meteorite
  • Tourmaline


Moldavite Phenacite Floating Locket Tourmaline Floating Locket Tumbled Moldavite Floating Locket



Fake Moldavite Part 2 | How to Spot Fake Moldavite June 14 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

A popular Moldavite retailer used to have a great article on spotting fake Moldavite that included some great examples. The website has since gone dark, but fortunately I was able to recover the article. The following is a verbatim reproduction of the "How to Spot Fake Moldavite" page from Harusami and Soul2Soul Treasures. The only changes I've made are to the book links.

Fake Moldavite Part 2 | How to Spot Fake Moldavite

And if you haven't already, be sure to check out Part 1.

Fake Moldavite | How can I tell if Moldavite is real or fake?

Fake Moldavite | How can I tell if Moldavite is real or fake? June 13 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

The question I receive more than any other is how do you tell if a Moldavite is real or fake.  To this end I've started to write a comprehensive guide to doing just that.  In the coming weeks I'll be adding more pictures to give you a better idea of what the fake stuff looks like.  Here's a preview of the article so far:

First of all, it is important to know the origin of Moldavite before getting started. Moldavite is believed to be the byproduct of a Meteorite collision with the Earth about 14.8 Million years ago. Moldavite, known locally as Vltavín, is found only in the Moldau River valley of the Czech Republic; roughly a 40 square mile area. So you may wonder how you can be certain of the origin of the stone, and rightly so, since many counterfeit stones are accompanied by a counterfeit certificate of authenticity.

The online market of Moldavite is overflowing with replicas from Asia, but fake Moldavite is also sold throughout Europe and many other countries. It is not uncommon to find counterfeit pieces offered by private parties who have been duped and are trying to recover their losses.

Researching the dealer's history and verified reviews from former customers and clients will reward you with the most valuable of remunerations - the truth. You must keep in mind that many dealers have also been fooled in to believing that their stock of Moldavite is genuine, since this stone is so very rare and some replicas can be quite convincing. However, there are ways to discern the true Moldavite stone from the false.

Click to Continue Reading More About Fake Moldavite

And Checkout Part 2

Fake Moldavite  Fake Moldavite  Fake Moldavite

Fake Moldavite

And be sure to check out page 2!

Fake Moldavite Part 2 | How to Spot Fake Moldavite

Moldavite Plus Now Accepting Amazon Pay, New Jewelry Restock Coming Soon June 12 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Moldavite Plus Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Moldavite Plus is now accepting Amazon Payments for all online purchases.  Using Amazon Pay is as simple as ordering from Amazon, simply add any items to your cart and select Amazon Pay at checkout.  You'll be able to use your existing Amazon account to purchase anything from

You can still use Paypal, Bitcoin or major credit cards for purchase as well.

In other news, many existing designs have been restocked.  A new ring style will be available soon along with more natural Moldavite pendants.  Happy shopping!

Moldavite Plus Amazon Payments

Shop Green & Save Big at Moldavite Plus with our Saint Patrick's Day Sale February 25 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Moldavite Plus St. Patrick's Day Sale Extended

What's the first color you think of when someone mentions St. Patrick's Day?  Green!  Well maybe orange if you're Protestant, but alas Moldavite doesn't come in orange.  So green it is!  To help keep everyone from being pinched by leprechauns and ne'er-do-wells alike I'm offering discounts on all jewelry at

Now I'm sure you own some green clothing, but why waste a great opportunity to show off an amazing, Moldavite green pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings.  Here are my favorite picks for Saint Patrick's Day.

Faceted Moldavite Irish Triquetra Ring

Faceted Moldavite Goddess Celtic Knot Moon Earrings

Buy Tumbled Moldavite Bracelet

The St. Patrick's Day sale is live March 1st through the 17th.  To celebrate I'm offering 15% off your entire cart, including jewelry not of the green persuasion. ;)

To take advantage of this offer, please enter promo code Lucky15 at checkout before Saint Patrick's Day ends.  Shop for Moldavite jewelry today.  And have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!


** Sale Extended Through the End of March**

Featured Jewelry of the Month | Sterling Silver Om Pendant | February February 02 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Happy Groundhog's Day!  Welcome to the third installment of our jewelry of the month.  This month's featured pendant is the Reversible Sterling Silver Om discounted $10 each.

Polished Moldavite Sterling Silver Om PendantReversible Moldavite Sterling Silver Om Pendant

 These Sterling Silver pendants feature a polished tektite disc accenting an Om symbol.  The bail spins allowing the wearer to showcase either the Om symbol or the polished tektite.

Om Symbolism

The Om symbol is comprised of a dot, one semicircle and three curves.

  • The dot signifies Turiya, the fourth state of consciousness.
  • The semi circle at the top, which separates the dot from the other curves, represents Maya.  It symbolizes the illusion of Maya that is an obstacle of the highest realization.
  • The upper curve represents the state of deep sleep.
  • The middle curve stands for the dream state.
  • The large bottom curve is the symbol for the waking state.

The Om is also associated with Ganesha, God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings.

Polished Indochinite Sterling Silver Om PendantReversible Indochinite Sterling Silver Om Pendant

For the month of February take $10 off each Om pendant with promo code Om10.  Add the pendants to your cart with the promotional code now through February 28th to save.

Available Varieties:

**Reminder: Shipping is delayed until Monday the 13th.  Click for details.**

2017 Tucson Gem Show Buying Trip | Shipping Delays | Instagram Moldavite Giveaway January 23 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Moldavite Plus 2017 Gem Show Trip

I'm off to the largest collection of gem and mineral shows in the world next month.  For one week in February I'll be in Tucson, Arizona shopping for Moldavite and Tektite jewelry.  Since I am pretty much a one man show here at Moldavite Plus, shipping will be delayed until I return.  Any orders placed February 2nd through the 12th will be shipped out on Monday, February 13th.  If you're eyeing something special for that special someone in your life for Valentine's Day, I suggest purchasing by February 1st.  Shop today!

The "Tucson Gem Show" is really a collection of over 40 different shows (45 at last count) encompassing jewelry, beads, rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and so much more.  So if there's something you're looking for not available currently from Moldavite Plus, send me a message on what you're looking for and I'll do my best to find it.  Simply use the "Contact Us" tab on the lower right.

In other news, Moldavite Plus is now on Instagram.  I'll be looking for something special in Tucson to giveaway via Instagram when I get back.  So be sure to follow Moldavite Plus for this upcoming giveaway and special discounts.

Featured Jewelry of the Month | Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant | January January 02 2017 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Happy New Year everyone!  This is the second installment of our featured jewelry of the month.  This month's featured pendant is the Sterling Silver Ankh with a discount of $5 each.

Indochinte Egyptian Ankh Pendant

These Sterling Silver pendants feature 3 triangle tektites and 1 pyramidal facet.  The Ankh is topped with a detailed scarab bail.

Ankh Cross Symbolism

The Ankh is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of life. The symbol, known as crux ansata in Latin ("cross with a handle"), can also represent energy, zest and joy of life. Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by the loop or with one in each hand crossed over the chest. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean life and fertility.

For the month of January take $5 off each Ankh pendant with promo code Ankh5. Add the pendants to your cart with the promotional code now through January 31st.

Available Varieties:

Faceted Moldavite Egyptian Ankh Pendant   Libyan Desert Glass Ankh Pendant

Featured Jewelry of the Month | Stainless Steel Floating Locket | December December 02 2016 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Largest Supermoon Since 1948 - Moldavite Jewelry Discounts November 12 2016 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

The most luminous Supermoon in nearly seven decades will occur Sunday night into Monday morning and I highly recommend all Moldavite fans to check it out.  This "extra-supermoon" won't occur again until the year 2034.


For a great article on viewing and photographing this rare full moon follow this link to Business Insider:

NASA's senior photographer offers up the best ways to shoot next week's rare supermoon

And to celebrate this infrequent lunar phenomenon I'm offering 15% off everything in store including out of this world Moldavite and Meteorite jewelry.  Enter promo code Supermoon16 at checkout now through Monday November 14th.

Huge Moldavite jewelry restock coming soon and Pokemon caught buying Moldavite at Denver Gem Show September 21 2016 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Good news everyone!  I've recently returned from the Denver Gem shows with new inventory.  Classic Moldavite, Phenacite, Indochinite and Meteorite designs are now back in stock.  Some Libyan Desert Glass designs have also been restocked, though continued supplies may be limited due to the growing tensions in that region.  Come buy Moldavite Jewelry today!


New Moldavite, Phenacite, Meteorite, Tourmaline and Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry coming soon.

Free form Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass like those pictured below will be available for purchase soon.  New Meteorite jewelry featuring the Swedish Muonionalusta will also be ready in the near future.

Moldavite Hanging Bezel Pendant     Moldavite Free Form Pendant

Floating Locket Pendant with New Stones

The bestseller Floating Locket will arrive with new stones in the coming days.  The new lockets will feature:

  • Moldavite & Phenacite
  • Moldavite & Muonionalusta Meteorite
  • Tourmaline

Moldavite Floating Locket Pendant     Moldavite Sparkly Floating Locket

Diglett and Geodude caught shopping for Moldavite and Meteorite at Denver Gem Show

And in other news,  a couple of Rock Pokemon were spotted picking out some Moldavite rough and Meteorite jewelry.  :D

Pokemon Geodude Buying Moldavite Meteorite Jewelry Pokemon Diglett shopping for Moldavite Rough

Christmas Shipping Deadlines December 01 2014 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

It's that time of year again and Christmas is soon approaching.  Be sure to order by the dates below in order to ensure delivery by Christmas.  To my International customers, sorry for the short notice, but please order by tomorrow if you absolutely need it by Christmas or shoot me a message about expedited delivery.  Shop for Moldavite Jewelry Now!  Happy Holidays!

Shipping Deadlines:

  • December 2nd: International Delivery
  • December 20th: Domestic Delivery

Bitcoin Black Friday at Moldavite Plus November 26 2014 by Aaron Sousa , 2 Comments

Hi everybody! is once again participating in Bitcoin Black Friday, so break out your digital coin purse and come shop on November 27th.  I'm offering $10 off any order, of any size and value.  Just enter promo code BTCBlackFriday10 at checkout.  


Click to shop -----> Show me the goods!


Any questions, comments, bad jokes?  Reply below.


Bitcoin Black Friday Banner

More Moldavite Jewelry on the way... November 03 2014 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Hi everybody!  I'll be posting lots of new jewelry this week just in time for holiday shopping.  Here are a few pieces that are already listed:

Moldavite Campo Del Cielo Meteorite IndochiniteMoldavite Om PendantTumbled Moldavite Bracelet

New Moldavite earrings and all ring sizes back in stock! April 08 2014 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Good news everyone!  Claddagh, Celtic Knot and both Solitaire Moldavite rings, in all sizes, are back in stock.  Shop now, these will go quick.

Faceted Moldavite Claddagh Ring Celtic Knot Moldavite Ring Faceted Moldavite Solitaire Ring Faceted Moldavite Solitaire Ring


More good news!  I've listed quite a few new Moldavite earring designs for sale including Celtic Knot, Goddess Moon and free form earrings.  Any questions, comments suggestions?  Respond below, click the contact button on the left or shoot me a message on my Facebook page:


Moldavite Goddess Moon Earrings Celtic Knot Moldavite Earrings Faceted Moldavite Pear Earrings Polished Moldavite Earrings

Christmas Delivery Deadlines, Final Sales and Free Shipping December 10 2013 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Aaron here with a last bit of news before the end of the year.  Starting tomorrow, Wednesday the 11th, I'm offering free domestic & international shipping through Wednesday, December 25th.  There's no coupon code necessary, just add your items to your cart and select Free Shipping at checkout.  Which brings me to my next point.  The following deadlines are the last days to place your order to receive them by Christmas:

Christmas Shipping Cutoffs

  • Mexico - Wednesday, December 11th
  • Canada - Thursday, December 12th
  • Europe - Thursday, December 12th
  • United States - Friday, December 20th

These dates are provided by the USPS.  While I'll absolutely send orders off asap, I cannot fully guarantee there won't be delays due to weather, and if ordering internationally, customs.


On another note, part of the reason I'm offering free shipping through Christmas is because Moldavite Plus is participating in Free Shipping Day domestically and for Canada.  For more information I invite you to visit the two websites by clicking the respective images below:


Moldavite Plus Free Shipping Day USA                  Moldavite Plus Free Shipping Day Canada


Free Shipping Day Sales

To celebrate each Free Shipping Day I'm offering two last sales of the year.  Both sales are open to anyone regardless if you reside somewhere besides the United States or Canada.  Each sale is one day only.  The first will be Thursday, December 12.  I'm offering 12% off your entire purchase, simply enter promo code FreeShip12 at checkout.  The second sale will be Wednesday, December 18th and as you may have guessed I'm giving you 18% off.  Nearly the same as the last sale, just enter promo code FreeShip18 at checkout and I'll take 18% off your total purchase.  And remember, you'll get free shipping regardless of when you order!



Free Shipping the 11th through the 25th.

Take 12% off on the 12th with promo code FreeShip12.

Take 18% off on the 18th with promo code FreeShip18.


So mark your calendars, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Shop Moldavite Plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday November 27 2013 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Hi all, Aaron here!  Happy Thanksgiving, now onto the deal!  Starting Friday, November 29th (aka Black Friday) and running through Monday, December 2nd (aka cyber Monday) I'm offering 25% off.  Simply use promo code Friday25 at checkout and I'll take 25% off your entire purchase.  So shop now and I'll see you on Friday!Black Friday

I heard you sell Moldavite... November 06 2013 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

So this is what happens when I bored.  This is a tongue in cheek, but factual video I put together of robot a and cardboard box person having a conversation on Moldavite.  In it you will find a few Moldavite questions answered, including briefly, Moldavite's metaphysical properties and a general guide on how to spot fake Moldavite.  I made this video over two years ago so the prevalence of fake Moldavite has increased, but it's still fairly easy to spot genuine Moldavite.  That's a topic for another post, onto the video:


And when you're done, you can shop for Moldavite here: Moldavite Jewelry