Moldavite Photography Fun November 26 2013 by Aaron Sousa , 0 Comments

Hi there, Aaron here!  As many of you know I'm pretty much a one man show here at and I do all the jewelry photography myself.  In a typical session I'll take upwards of 500 photos that then need to be edited and whittled down to the choice remaining few.  While I do enjoy doing this, it can become tedious at times, so I like to have a little fun with the photographs.  One thing I like to do is tweak the highlights, shadows, colors and contrasts.  It ends up producing some interesting results and in some cases even brings forth some hidden details.  Below you'll find a few of my favorites linked to their corresponding pages:

Moldavite Earrings

Moldavite EarringsMoldavite Earrings

Moldavite PendantMoldavite Pendant

Moldavite PendantMoldavite Pendant

Moldavite AnkhMoldavite Ankh


Tourmaline PendantTourmaline Pendant